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front page of Northern Money leafletCompanies which offer high-cost credit are able to spend vast amounts of money promoting their products and services.  You may have seen expensive adverts on TV for High Street pay-weekly stores, or you may have had a friendly agent knocking at your door to try to encourage you to buy vouchers or borrow money from their company. 

If you watch football on TV, you may already be aware that are the main sponsor of one Premier-League football club. is an online provider of small, short-term cash loans.  One click on their homepage reveals that the typical Annual Percentage Rate of interest charged on these loans is 2689% APR.  That isn't a typing error, their typical APR really is 2689%.

Unsurprisingly, credit unions can't match this scale of advertising and rely on others to help promote their products and services.  We need your help to promote Mersey Money and to raise awareness of credit unions in your local area.  

One of the compliments received by Mersey Money (using the 'Tell us what you think about Mersey Money' button on the left) is as follows:

 "An excellent site that pulls together in a clear and simple way a lot of very useful information about the Credit Unions and CDFI's."

Mersey Money have produced a leaflet shown above, which can help you get the word out to your friends, neighbours, community groups, faith groups, colleagues, clients, customers or anyone else who may be interested!

Mersey Money can supply a range of logos in different file formats or any additional information on request. Please just email Mersey Money to let us know what you need.


On behalf of all the credit unions involved in Mersey Money, we would like to thank you for your help and support.

If you use any of these resources to help promote Mersey Money, please consider sending a quick email to to let us know how you have helped to promote Mersey Money.


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