Real life Stories

Jackie's story

Jackie, a 39-year mother of three joined Enterprise Credit Union in 2007. She was granted a £500 instant loan to buy school uniforms and to take the kids away on a short break. Jackie had her child benefit paid into the credit union and from that saved a small amount per week, which was split between her savings and her Christmas savings account.

Since then Jackie has had numerous loans whilst building up her Christmas savings, she was amazed this year when instead of going for a Christmas loan she actually had over £800 in her Christmas savings! She couldn’t believe it as she withdrew her savings and spent it on luxuries for her children,  Jackie said “This is the first time in my life I can remember  having my own money to spend at Christmas it was brilliant, even I treated myself. Joining the Credit Union was the best thing I ever did.”

Jill's story

Jill is now a member of the Fazakerley Credit Union after visiting the Credit Union as she was in debt with her credit card.  The amount of interest Jill was paying was high and she was unable to manage the debt.  She explained her situation to the Credit Union's loan officer and showed that three quarters of her payments were going off the interest and very little off the balance outstanding.  Jill said, "when I spoke to the Credit Card Company about how long it would take to pay off her £2000 debt, they said the payments that were being made to the credit card would take nine years to clear the debt".

The Credit Union approved her loan and paid the amount direct to the Credit Card Company.  The loan with the Credit Union was the better option as the debt would be repaid within two years at a rate more manageable to Jill and her personal circumstances. Jill was very happy with the service she received from the Credit Union and how they dealt with her debt problem.  Jill is now a volunteer with the Credit Union, assisting others in similar situations. 




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