Loan Calculator

Here is a loan calculator which can give you an example of how much a loan from a credit union could cost, compared to borrowing the same amount from a doorstep lender. 

Just click the button on slider scale below and move it from left to right to select the loan amount and the number of weeks.  

'Doorstep Lender' is a general name for a loan company which sends an agent to your home each week to collect loan repayments.

The interest rate on the following loan calculator is set at 26.8% APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

Please note that the APR varies between credit unions and this calculator is only to be used as an example. 26.8% APR is the maximum amount that a credit union can charge, however many credit unions charge much less than this for their 'Loyalty Loans'. Contact your local credit union for accurate information relating to loans.

How much would you like to borrow?

£500 £100

Over how many weeks?

52 26

£100.00 + £CALC Interest = A weekly payment of


Total cost of borrowing this amount from a credit union


Borrowing this amount from a doorstep lender could cost you


The example given is for illustration purposes only, based on typical APR of 26.8%133.1.

The 'Doorstep Lender' rate is based on a typical APR of 272%. 



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